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Yes but my RRSP are fine











“Yes but your RRSP are fine and you have a Government employee pension plan..”


If you still hesitate about investing in real estate and keep your money in RRSP consider this fictitious graph based on real numbers.

Most real estate investors are saying that if you have a choice to put your money, put it in real estate instead of your RRSPs. Most never compared both returns because we all know it is better.  I put this graph together to show you what they are talking about. Hopefully this will blow your mind!



Anna and Adriana are sisters who each had $70,000 in 2007.  Anna put it towards her RRSP and Adriana bought a rental property in Ottawa.



-Rental property is a 3-bedroom typical detached house in Ottawa;

-She bought the house at              $272,000

-Mortgage amount:                         $217,600

-Down payment                               $54,400;

-Closing costs:                                    $6,500;

-Reserve:                                             $9,100  (for 2 new appliances, some repairs, the house was vacant a few times);

-Total invested:                               $70,000



-The average house price in Ottawa in 2007 was $272,000;

-Term 5 years at 6% interest rate in 2007, 3% rate in 2012, amortized over 30 years;

-The appreciation of house prices were always in the positive, some years as low as 1.2% appreciation. But the average price appreciation over the 12 years was 4%. Refer to table;

-Anna’s RRSP’s yearly rate of return is based on my portfolio’s return with a yearly average of 4% return but fluctuated as low as -26% and as high as 25%;

-Both RRSP and house appreciation were 4% each on average!

-No fear of what can happen in real estate, there are always solutions.




At the end of 2018, Anna would have made $29,319 (41.9% rate of return over 12 years) and Adriana would have made $215,080 (307% rate of return), almost 14 times more than her sister!

So which one is better?

Does that convince you (at least if you are someone who likes numbers and wants to take control of their financial future)!? I wish I would have had $70,000 in 2007!

Not all is lost for Anna and you, there are advanced real estate strategies like a self- directed RRSP invested in real estate.


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Erik Laflamme