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Erik Laflamme

In his professional life, after working many years in the Federal government, Erik needed a bigger sense of accomplishment. Having been efficient and frugal about saving money, he was inspired to apply his expertise in renovations and project management to start investing in Real Estate. It began in Ottawa over ten years ago when he purchased his first principal residence for which he did some renovations himself, and hired contractors for the more complex ones. Once satisfied with the renovations, he rented the extra bedrooms to university students. The huge cashflow created, opened his eyes and kicked off his destiny in Real Estate.

Since joining REIN Canada in 2012, Erik has been recognized with the REIN Bronze (3 properties) and the REIN Silver (8 properties) award pins. The properties purchased since joining that network included the rent to own, renovations and bungalow conversions real estate strategies.

He also received the certificate for the completion of both Real Estate Investor Entrepreneurship Program, conducted by The London Academy of Entrepreneurship in 2015, and the Legacy Real Estate Investment Advisor through REIN Canada in 2018.

Recalling the excitement from the old times playing with legos, alongside with his background in interior architecture and work experiences, he pursues the buy & flip or flip & hold real estate strategies which aligns with his passion of creativity.

As a certified Legacy Real Estate Investment Advisor, Erik aims to help people create their successful life of accomplishments with a purposeful meaning using the real estate investing vehicle to allow them to retire early from their government job.

Outside of work you can find Erik playing Volleyball, running half marathons abroad (no photo-bombs like a specific famous person), dreaming of learning Spanish, Japanese and Arabic, becoming a photographer or even writing a fiction book.

He lives happily in Ottawa with his life partner Vicki, their child Luke and their 2 cats (Princess Leia and R2) … we are not Star Wars fans at all!

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What Could Go Wrong

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